K2's Excel Data Models, Combinations, and Consolidations (2 Hours)

K2's Excel Data Models, Combinations, and Consolidations (2 Hours)

  • $79.00

(2 CPE Hour Course)

Combining and linking data from multiple tables, sheets, and workbooks is a daily need for most accountants, yet many do not fully appreciate the breadth of Excel options available for accomplishing this task. In this session, you will learn about the full range of Excel data consolidation functionality, including simple sum-through formulas, auto-merging workbooks, consolidation PivotTables, and linking tables to create powerful Data Models. Simplify and streamline your data consolidation processes, improve your personal productivity, and reduce errors with the information contained in this feature-packed session.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Differentiate between various formula-based approaches to consolidating data
  • Implement dummy end-point worksheets or columns to simplify the data consolidation process and reduce errors
  • Differentiate between using Data Consolidation by position and by category
  • Use consolidation PivotTables to combine data from multiple worksheets and/or multiple workbooks
  • Create a Data Model by linking multiple tables of data and then build powerful PivotTable analyses from the Data Model

Course Information

  • CPE credit: Recommended for 2 hours Computer Software and Applications
  • Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge of computer operations and Microsoft Office Excel
  • Program level: Intermediate
  • Advance preparation: None
  • Who should participate: Business professionals who are seeking to harness the power of array formulas to perform calculations in Excel. The program focuses on Excel for Windows, but many of the features can be found in Excel for Mac.