Advisory Accounting – Bridging the Gap Between the Business Owner and the CPA - On Demand (12 hours CPD)

Advisory Accounting – Bridging the Gap Between the Business Owner and the CPA - On Demand (12 hours CPD)

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(12 - 1-hour sessions available on-demand)


CPAs are routinely voted the most trusted business financial advisor. So, aren’t things fine? What gap? Consider if any of the following describe your situation:

  1. CPA professionals tend to assume that clients understand the financial statements they are provided if they do not ask any questions. 
  2. Business owners, with typically no financial background, do not understand enough about the financial statements they receive to ask a question and assume everything is fine if the CPA does make any comment.
  3. If clients do have a question, they hesitate to ask it because they are fearful, they will not understand the answer, and they do not want to look stupid.
  4. The problem is that CPAs speak GAAP, and business owners speak CASE (Clear and Simple English). Learn how Advisory Accounting bridges this gap in the session. 

Major Subjects Covered 

  • Overview of the steps involved in moving from trusted financial reporter to trusted business advisor; not just what the numbers on a financial statement are, but how to interpret them  
  • The use of Advisory Accounting to build Client Advisory Services revenue 
  • The four phases of business and how CPA firms can supply much-needed client advisory services in each phase 
  • The balance sheet and how to explain its importance as the foundation of the business 
  • The structure of the income statement and how to effectively measure profitability 
  • Measurement of Operating Performance and calculation of the Survival Score 
  • Cash Flow measurement and forecasting 
  • Financial cause and effect analysis and how to achieve optimal financial results 
  • Business planning and financial forecasting 
  • Break-even analysis 
  • Capital budgeting 
  • Important rules to guide the business owner in dealing with the banker 

Learning Objectives 

Upon completing this session, you should be able to: 

  • Identify opportunities to build business client advisory revenue 
  • Establish a strategy to successfully market Advisory Accounting to obtain new business clients 
  • Understand the advantages of Advisory Accounting versus Traditional Accounting  
  • Communicate a seemingly complex subject easily, quickly, and effectively  
  • Easily identify bad financial trends of business clients and suggest solutions before they become critical  
  • Ensure that business clients grow and thrive and become lifetime clients 
  • Significantly reduce the 80%+ failure rate of businesses in the US  

Recommended CPD Credit 

12 hours Financial Education - Each session is 1 hour CPD