Dashboard & Report Design Using Excel - On Demand (4 CPD Hours)

Dashboard & Report Design Using Excel - On Demand (4 CPD Hours)

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Dashboard and Report Design Principles Using Excel

A fresh approach to designing and building Excel dashboards

Excel has huge flexibility and power when it comes to building KPI dashboards and reports. With that flexibility comes hundreds of design decisions that can impact readability, add to build time and complicate dashboard maintenance.

This course shows a fresh approach to designing and building Excel dashboards and reports which are…

  • Consistently incredibly easy for readers to understand
  • Quick to build - typically five times faster than starting with a blank sheet
  • Easy to maintain (the supplied kit uses no Visual Basic, macros or plugins)

The course includes the full downloadable ‘Brilliant Excel Dashboards Kit’ of 27 templates. 

  • See a dashboard prototype being built in minutes, avoiding hours of wasted Excel design rework.
  • Watch a fully working dashboard being built from the prototype in Excel using the toolkit

The included toolkit works with Windows and Mac versions of Microsoft Office.

Major Topics:

Understanding the principles and design rules of good dashboards and report design. 

  • The role of the three types of memory in well-designed dashboards and reports
  • Using visual encoding and pattern recognition to improve reader understanding
  • Choosing the best chart types for user comprehension
  • How to build clear, compact tables
  • The rules for effective commentary
  • How to use page-layout to support long-term memory and rapid understanding
  • Using Visual Design Checklist (included) to assess and score existing dashboards and reports.

Prototyping and building dashboards using Microsoft Office, with a full demonstration of… 

  • Five-step rapid prototyping method for build-ready dashboards, using the supplied PowerPoint templates.
  • Self-ranging dashboards that require minimal maintenance.
  • Six-step rapid build process, using the included Brilliant Excel Dashboards Kit

Learning Objectives

Build easy-to-understand dashboards and reports using Excel in a structured and repeatable way.

  • Be able to explain and apply the basic principles of effective dashboard and report design using the Brilliant Excel Dashboards toolkit (included in course)
  • Be able to use Microsoft Office to rapidly prototype and build dashboards that meet the principles of good design

        Course Information 

        CPE credit: 4-hour
        Prerequisites: Basic Excel
        Program level: Intermediate
        Advance preparation: None
        Who should attend:  Accounting and financial professionals who want to understand the principles of simple, clear dashboard design and develop the Excel skills to implement those ideas rapidly. 

        Instructional Delivery Method: QAS on-demand learning, including review and final exam questions. To earn credit, participants must pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better within one year of registering for this course. Participants may attempt the final exam up to 10 times.