Growth CPR - Business Model View Overview

Growth CPR - Business Model View Overview

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How Should I Think About My Business?

The Business Model View

Management thinks about their company’s business all the time.  How they think about their business can be a competitive advantage.

The Business Model View examines each of the seven constituent elements that every company must consider and master to not only survive in today’s hyper-competitive markets but to thrive.

In this course, you will learn:

•The three fundamental questions a business model answers
•How customers are identified
•The questions a company’s value proposition must answer
•The five distinct objectives of a channel
•A framework for analyzing a company’s profit formula
•The categories of key resources
•The definition of key competencies
•The types of strategic relationships and the reasons for entering into them


Course Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants should be able to: 

  • Identify the three questions a business model answers 
  • Identify the seven basic elements of a business model 
  • Identify the purpose of a company 
  • Identify the three questions a value proposition answers 
  • List the distinct objectives of a channel 

Recommended CPE Credit 

1 hour Financial Education