K2's Advanced Topics in Power BI - On Demand (2 CPD Hours)

K2's Advanced Topics in Power BI - On Demand (2 CPD Hours)

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Course Description

So, you’ve been using Power BI to create fundamental reports and dashboards and now you’re ready for even more advanced reporting…if so, this session is for you. In this session, you will learn how to extend your Power BI environment by incorporating tools such as Data Analysis Expressions, Key Performance Indicators, Hierarchies, and Apps and Content Packs, among others. By taking advantage of the tools and techniques covered in this session, you will be able to move beyond simple reports and dashboards in Power BI and truly leverage the power of this awesome reporting tool.

Major Topics

  • Creating formulas in Power BI with Data Analysis Expressions
  • Adding Key Performance Indicators to your Power BI reports and dashboards
  • Managing security in Power BI
  • Publishing your reports and dashboards to Apps and Content Packs for easy sharing with other team members

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • List the steps necessary to create formulas using Data Analysis Expressions
  • Identify the importance of Key Performance Indicators
  • Apply appropriate security techniques to your Power BI reports and dashboards
  • Identify the purpose of Apps and Content Packs in the context of Power BI

    Course Information

    • CPD credit: Recommended for 2 hours Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Program level: Basic to Intermediate
    • Advance preparation: It is recommended to have downloaded and installed a copy of Power BI to follow along with the presentation. 
    • Who should participate: Financial professionals that are looking to expand their knowledge of business intelligence and dashboard reporting

    Instructional Delivery Method: QAS on-demand learning, including review and final exam questions. To earn credit, participants must pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better within one year of registering for this course. Participants may attempt take the final exam up to 10 times.