K2's Microsoft Outlook - Inbox Organization and Optimization

K2's Microsoft Outlook - Inbox Organization and Optimization

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Course Description

Microsoft Outlook is the most utilized business application in the world today, but for many users, dealing with Outlook is the most frustrating part of their day. This session is designed to help Outlook users better organize and manage their email communications. It contains coverage on how to reduce e-mail interruptions, triage the Inbox rapidly, find related messages quickly and easily, organize the Inbox with folders, categories, and rules, and use drag-and-drop to create new tasks and appointments. The information provided in this session will ease your frustration and improve your productivity in using Microsoft Outlook.

Major Topics

  • Working more efficiently and effectively in Outlook through better organization
  • Finding specific messages, contacts, and appointments
  • Organizing the Inbox with folders, categories, and rules

Learning Objectives

 Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  •  Identify related messages quickly and easily using Conversation View
  •  Create Quick Steps to automate routine, recurring processes
  •  Employ drag-and-drop to create new appointments, tasks, or contacts from email messages
  •  Use folders and categories to organize the Inbox
  •  Apply rules to automate the process of filing email messages
  •  Describe how AutoArchive automates the process of cleaning the Inbox

Who Should Attend: Accounting and business professionals who need to manage email more effectively in Outlook

Course Level: Intermediate

CPE Credits: 2 Hours Computer Software and Applications  

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Outlook

Advance Preparation: None

PLEASE NOTE: Registration cutoff is 1 full business day prior to the start of the webinar