K2's Ransomware - Reducing Your Risk

K2's Ransomware - Reducing Your Risk

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(2 CPE Hour Course)

Ransomware continues to plague individuals and businesses of all sizes and in all industries and represents one of the biggest security threats we face today. Yet few are taking the steps necessary to reduce the risk associated with the potential loss of data associated with ransomware and the risk of a ransomware attack being considered a breach of confidential information. In this course, you will learn how you can implement an effective system of control to mitigate the risk that you will become yet another victim or ransomware.

Imagine turning on your computer one day to find that all your data files have been encrypted, but a criminal holds the key necessary for you to regain access to and use of these files. This is the classic definition of ransomware, an attack that affects hundreds of thousands of computers each year. Don’t take the unnecessary chance that you will be impacted by ransomware. Learn the best practices for reducing the chances that your data is held hostage along with key recovery tactics in the event your preventive efforts fail.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define “ransomware” and identify the risks it poses to you professionally and personally
  • List the top methods by which ransomware infects an individual computer or a network
  • Implement control methods to help reduce your risk of becoming another victim of ransomware

Course Information

  • CPE credit: Recommended for 2 hours Information Technology
  • Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge of basic technological and security concepts
  • Program level: Intermediate
  • Advance preparation: None
  • Who should participate: Business professionals who are seeking to reduce the risk of losing data in a ransomware attack