K2's Tech Tools and Gadgets for a More Efficient You!

K2's Tech Tools and Gadgets for a More Efficient You!

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Course Description

Technology – specifically the ever-evolving world of tools, gadgets, and apps – continues to awe and amaze while “The Internet of Things” is rapidly turning this evolution into a revolution.  By learning how to utilize these tools and gadgets, you can enhance both personal and team productivity and, in this program, you will learn how to take advantage of many features in tools that you likely already own – such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office – to become more productive

Major Topics

  • Identifying and utilizing little-known features in Windows and Office
  • Taking advantage of free and inexpensive apps and services
  • Deploying and utilizing various gadgets and gizmos for increased convenience and productivity
  • Recognizing the profound impact of “The Internet of Things”

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • Identify opportunities to implement free and inexpensive solutions to address and solve common personal and  business issues, including security
  • Recognize opportunities to use the Cloud as the backbone of a business technology infrastructure
  • Implement smartphone and tablet apps to connect to, and more efficiently manage, information
  • Discover hidden features in applications you already own
  • Troubleshoot and maintain your computer with free and inexpensive tools

Who Should Attend: Business professionals seeking to leverage technology for improved personal and team productivity

Course Level: Intermediate

CPE Credits: 4 Hours Computer Software and Applications  

Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge of computer operations

Advance Preparation: None

PLEASE NOTE: Registration cutoff is 1 full business day prior to the start of the webinar.